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The old mansion drew businessmen, the judge and lawyers

Press The old mansion drew businessmen, the judge and lawyers

Defendants in the case of fraud did not reach the investigator

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation  declared wanted  the famous lawyer form Nizhny Novgorod Eugene Ryzhov, accused of involvement in an attempt to illegally take over the part of the old mansion in central Moscow which costs over 225 million rubles. Earlier in the investigation, two businessman  were convicted, and recently the Supreme Qualification Collegium of Judges allowed to bring a case against a judge of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Irina Baranova. However, she has settled in the United States.

As  says the newspaper "Kommersant", the decision about permission for a  search of Eugene Ryzhov recently signed an investigator from one of the departments of The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation . The criminal case of attempted fraud on a large scale  was opened in April 2015, Yevgeniy Ryzhov passed on him as a witness, but refused on coming  to Moscow for interrogation. Finally, the investigator issued a forced drive for Ryzhov , and the employees of the economic security and anti-corruption Research Affairs in Moscow brought Ryzhov  to Moscow. However, a lawyer Ryzhov has disappeared from the police "under mysterious circumstances". Eugene Ryzhov was charged in absentia, and the resolution approved personally  the Acting head of the Moscow department of The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation   Alexander Drymanov. The lawyer was counted attempt to illegally take over part of the XVIII century mansion (Gogolevsky boulevard, 3). According to The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation , Mr. Ryzhov, together with a lawyer Dmitry Kotsubanov, tried to steal the rooms with total area of ​​920 square meters. And the cost of more than 225 million rubles.

As already reported "Kommersant" the beginning  of the investigation was initiated a few years ago. In 2007, part of the areas in a building was purchased by the company "Ecvisman Holdings Limited " for $ 1.4 million. And in 2010, the previous owner – an offshore company from the Seychelles "Aquamarine Ltd"  has filed a lawsuit on the recognition of the transaction void and return of property rights. The actual owners of the company-plaintiff Mikhail Chernov and Mikhail Balakirev have presented to the court documents which were decorated in hindsight. In November 2011, the judge Yulia Bespalova allowed the claim. The deception was revealed accidentally, after Mikhail Chernov was suspected of organizing the robbery of a businessman In Moscow. After receiving at a court a warrant to wiretap Chernov, the detectives learned the details of the scam. In particular, according to The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation , Chernov  and Balakirev, paid to the chairman of the 5th Moscow Arbitration Court trial Irina Baranova € 100 thousand. and $ 4 thousand. After that Baranova bowed her submission to adjudication in favor of the plaintiffs. Chernov and Balakirev was charged with fraud on a large scale, as well the robbery was charged to Chernov . In September 2013 Dorogomilovskiy court of Moscow sentenced them to nine and seven years in prison, respectively. Earlier, the Simonovsky court of Moscow has sentenced to a fine for falsification of evidence their accomplice Alexei Fedorov, who participated in the preparation of documents for the scam.

To prosecute a judge Baranova, who is suspected of instigating bribery and fraud on a large scale, was not possible for a long time because of her immunity. Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges resolved The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to bring a case against her only a month ago. But at the end of 2013 the judge flew to the US, where she has got birth to a baby and obtained a residence permit.

Meanwhile, according to representatives of "Ecvisman Holdings Limited", the lawyers of a legal bureau TM-Defence, accomplices of convicted Mikhail Chernov  and Mikhail Balakirev "have not left attempts to take over a building on the Gogolevsky boulevard, which was given back to the company on a sentence of Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow. " The lawyers of TM-Defence have refused to report details, pleading on the secrecy of the investigation.

According to the same sources, Eugene Ryzhov, a longtime friend of Michael Chernov, through Nizhny Novgorod court secured the arrest of the mansion, taking advantage of the fact that the owners of the "Aquamarine"  were foreigners. From the papers submitted to the court followed that in 2012 the owner of the company lent to the Director of $ 10 million in cash. The building was registered as a  pledge and had been arrested in connection with the non-return of the money. Soon the house for $ 7.5 million was sold by "Aquamarine" to the offshore company "Delimara Corporation Ltd". But when from the name of the "Delimara Corporation Ltd" when a  lawyer Dmitry Kotsubanov tried to register the ownership of the premises in THE FEDERAL SERVICE FOR STATE REGISTRATION, CADASTER AND CARTOGRAPHY, it became clear that his real owner is "Ecvisman." The lawyer got a  deny in registration, and  The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation  instituted proceedings in which Kotsubanovu charged in absentia. However, according to "Kommersant", he had already changed his passport details, Dmitry became Lysakovsky and went into a zone of armed conflict in the south-east of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the escaped lawyer Ryzhov  previously was mentioned in the scandalous history of real estate in Nizhny Novgorod. It was about how to misappropriation of property of various companies, as well as housing for disadvantaged citizens, he attracted microcredit