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The Moscow City Court have changed the measure of restraint for the scout of Donetsk People’s Republic

Press The Moscow City Court have changed the measure of restraint for the scout of Donetsk People’s Republic

He was sent to the detention of a suspect by means of the request of prosecutors

Dmitry Lysakovsky (nicknamed Goodwin) – Commander of the reconnaissance of Donetsk People's Republic, who was representing  the  interests of Republic in  the International Criminal Court of the United Nations, was transferred from home arrest  to the detention of a suspect . The supervisor thought that home arrest is  not enough strong measure of restraint for Lysakovsky,  who is accused in large scale fraud.

The Moscow City Court considered the appeal of the prosecutor's office for the Southern District of Moscow against the decision of Chertanovskii district court , which issued on 7 July 2015 the sanction for home arrest of well-known volunteer who fought on the side of the Donetsk People's Republic  in the rank of captain of the armed forces of the unrecognized republic.

Note that the investigators of The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation  insisted on the arrest of Dmitry Lysakovsky from the very beginning.  Lysakovsky  is accused of attempted fraud on a large scale (art. 30 of the Criminal Code and Part. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Prosecutors emphasize that Lysakovsky was hiding from the investigation, was wanted and has, as a member of the armed forces of the unrecognized republic, certain skills and, in addition, "special legal knowledge" . All of these factors may help him to obstruct the investigation process. However, the Court then held the position that the employment of Mr Lysakovsky in government and law enforcement agencies the Donetsk People's Republic  is not aggravating, but rather a mitigating circumstance. As a result, Lysakovsky was placed under arrest in his apartment near the metro station "Polezhaevskaya."

Prosecutor's office was not satisfied with such decisionand it was appealed  in court. Moreover, examination of the application took place after the court had extended the home arrest of Dmitry Lysakovsky.

According to "Kommersant", to the Moscow City Court came the support group of the arrested volunteer – young men in camouflage. So just in case, next to the meeting room  were on duty several bailiffs in full ammunition. Prosecutors argued again chosen preventive measure, because Dmitry Lysakovsky is incriminated a serious crime, and his ability to escape and to impede the investigation. The accused protested  to the arrest in prison.  However, the measure of restraint was changed to detention, and directly in the courtroom guards put handcuffs on Dmitry Lysakovsky. Position of the defense is still unknown: the lawyer of Lysakovsky  – Mr. Rutkowski Vladimir yesterday was unavailable for comment.

Dmitry Lysakovsky is involved in the infamous case of the attempt to raider capture of the old mansion on the Gogolevsky boulevard, 3. According to the investigation, the action itself was attempted businessmen Mikhail Chernov and Mikhail Balakirev, who were sentenced in September 2013 for fraud to nine and seven years in prison respectively. Promotion of the scam was made by  the chairman of the 5th Judicial composition of the Moscow Arbitration Court Irina Baranova, who has taken the bribes in excess of € 100 000., Baranova bowed her submission to adjudication in favor of the Chernov and Balakirev. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation  has not yet succeeded to prosecute judge Baranov, as she flew to the United States and obtain a residence permit.

However, despite this, attempts to capture the building on Gogolevsky boulevard  has continued. This time crooks, among which, according to investigators, was the Dmitri Lysakovsky, went through the Nizhny Novgorod court. He sold the mansion for a $ 7.5 million to an offshore company – "Delimar Corporation Ltd". Its leadership was represented by the lawyer Dmitry Kotsubanov, then he changed  his surname to "Lysakovsky." After that, he tried to register the ownership of the property in the department of THE FEDERAL SERVICE FOR STATE REGISTRATION, CADASTER AND CARTOGRAPHY for the Southern District of Moscow, but was refused.

Vladimir Barinov

The newspaper "Kommersant" №149 of 08.19.2015, p. 5