The Moscow City Court have changed the measure of restraint for the scout of Donetsk People’s Republic

He was sent to the detention of a suspect by means of the request of prosecutors Dmitry Lysakovsky (nicknamed Goodwin) – Commander of the reconnaissance of Donetsk People's Republic, who was representing  the  interests of Republic in  the International Criminal Court of the United Nations, was transferred from home arrest  to the detention of a suspect . The […]

In Moscow was extended the arrest of the commander of the reconnaissance of Donetsk People’s Republic Lysakovsky

Chertanovskaiy court  in Moscow on Thursday extended the home arrest of the commander of the intelligence group of self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk  Dmitry Lysakovsky (he is known by the call sign "Goodwin"), accused of fraud. Thus, the petition of the investigation was satisfied, home arrest  of Lysakovsky was extended for  three months – until […]

In Moscow on suspicion of raiding arrested the commander of intelligenceDonetsk People’s Republic

According to "Kommersant", in Moscow was arrested the commander of aerial reconnaissance unit of Donetsk People's Republic Dmitry Lysakovsky suspected of involvement in the raider attacks, According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, the 36-year-old, Lysakovsky nicknamed Goodwin was a direct participant of a raider capture of the building on the Gogolevsky boulevard in Moscow. […]

The old mansion drew businessmen, the judge and lawyers

Defendants in the case of fraud did not reach the investigator The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation  declared wanted  the famous lawyer form Nizhny Novgorod Eugene Ryzhov, accused of involvement in an attempt to illegally take over the part of the old mansion in central Moscow which costs over 225 million rubles. Earlier in the […]

Entrepreneur faces two years in prison for cookies

Entrepreneur from Armavir faces fines and imprisonment for up to two years. Over the past two years, the man produced and implemented sugar cookies with a name identical to a trademark of already well-known manufacturer, he just added a number to it. According to "Interfax", the owner produced cookies "Jubilee 2000". As reported at the […]

Fraud as treason. The new law-enforcement practice. Commented by the partner of the legal bureau TM Defence Oleg Zhukov

2.5 years ago, article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code has been significantly expanded. Now treason – is not only espionage and disclosure of state secrets, but also financial assistance to another state, such as withdrawal of funds, which usually was interpreted as fraud. About a new practiceof law enforcers tellsthe partner of the legal […]

The policy of the Armavir city has opened a criminal investigation because of the illegal use of the trademark «Yubilejnoe». Commented by the partner of the legal bureau TM Defence Oleg Zhukov: «Trademark «Yubilejnoe» is registered in Russian Federation for a long time, prior to that, it was registered in the USSR. Today the sign belongs to the company Mondelez. The «Bravo» factory illegally inflicted the trademark on their products. Mondelez caught himself only 15 years later. This trademark firstly was used in the factory «Bolshevik», […]

Ukraine claims on the Crimean wines: officials of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food announced their intention to return such brands as “Massandra”, “Novyi Svit”, and “Magarach”

"Crimean plants are unique and have a demand on world markets"   Ukraine claims on the Crimean wines: the officials of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food declared about intentions to return the brands "Massandra", "Novyi Svit" and "Magarach". The authorities of Ukraine now can not afford to maintain the state-owned enterprises. Most likely, […]