Managing Partner

Yana Brutman
Yana Brutman Partner

In 2002 we started our business, as Znak-Zashchita legal boutique — focused on intellectual property protection. Since that time, we have put together a tight-knit team including ex-officers from a variety of state authorities, ex-judges, corporate attorneys, patent solicitors and lawyers: qualified professionals who are passionate about what they do. The Company’s functionality has widened. In 2015, we changed the company name to one that is more comfortable for our foreign partners, and thus turned into TM Defence.

My task is to continue the growth and development of our team of passionate lawyers, who fight every day for a positive outcome and for our clients’ loyalty. We gain trust and surpass expectations due to the emotional and intellectual involvement of every employee in the cases they are in charge of.

In our portfolio there is not a single case we aren’t proud of. The Company’s highly-qualified team offers solutions that contribute to the ultimate growth and development of our clients in their fields of business