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About us

About us

TM DEFENCE is an established brand that represent effective and reliable legal services. In the early days we had narrow but high expertise in IP. Time went on and we were keeping on expanding our practices and our expertise still maintaining high quality as priority of pur development.

We have been in the market for over eighteen years. This entire time our firm has been dynamically growing. We treat every new challenge as a way to improve our approaches and tools, as well as seek to find effective and innovative solutions, thus contributing to development of law as a whole.

TM DEFENCE is a permanent member of the expert panel for the State Duma and the Russian Chamber of Commerce. Understanding and participating in the work done by the Parliament allows us to always keep our clients abreast of the latest changes in the federal legislation.

Geographically our clients are dispersed well beyond Russia’s borders. We work with Russian companies and also have regular clients in Europe, the Far East, Canada and the United States. When representing the interests of our foreign clients, TM DEFENCE adheres to the highest Western principles and business standards.

All our employees are graduates of the best Russian and foreign universities and have extensive work experience, including in law enforcement agencies and various government agencies.

One of our firm’s main assets is our impeccable reputation. To reinforce and further develop our reputation we strongly adhere to our company’s following core principles: a strict policy of completing work on time, an individual approach to each client and case, and by carefully following established ethical norms and rules that guarantee confidentiality of information. All our employees understand and exemplify these core principles in all their work.